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September 2015

Video – Pocket Squares for Tweed

With chillier weather set to come upon the Northern Hemisphere, wearing thicker fabrics such as tweed becomes a welcome change. Victor presents a selection of pocket squares made specifically for tweed-wearers with a modern twist.

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Video – Bold Print Pocket Squares

A pocket square with really bold colours and prints is perfect for any season, however in this clip we show how they can work quite nicely with light linen jackets in the warmer months of the year.

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Video – Blue Prints in Pocket Squares

As we know, the colours of choice when it comes to corporate-wear tends to be black, grey and dark blue. One way to liven things up is with a pocket square. Victor presents a selection of pocket squares made specifically to compliment workwear with a bit of creativity and individualism.

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Video – Floral Print Pocket Squares

In this short clip, Victor presents our collection of pocket squares with small floral prints. The recommendation is to look to wear such accessories with black, to bring that little bit of playful liveliness to an ever popular base colour.

These are our first clips so admittedly they are a little clumsy. But I think we have some good things to work with here.

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Qind Design Steps into Video

So, like everybody else, we realise that video has become a powerful tool to reach one’s audience more effectively. It was something I had at the back of my mind for us to get into quite a while ago – it then became a task of figuring out how and getting over the procrastination of starting to appear on camera on a regular basis ‘for real’.

I searched high and low for the right film-maker who grasped our vision and was within our budget only to be reminded by a friend that I already knew a really good young film-maker, James Maiki. One never has to go far from home.

We met for a chat and started to plot out what we would do. A few weeks later, over the two days of a weekend, we started shooting. We managed to bat out a few clips, some with much uncomfortable effort, but it was a a start, a good start.

This ident was the first output from the experience. I really like it. It is fresh, energetic, really shows the essence of Qind Design as a brand which is vibrant colour that is playful and embracing. We hope you enjoy it

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