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December 2015

Monge Joins The Collective

Monge Joins The Collective of Qind Designers

Something extraordinary is happening. Now more than ever, men give a damn about the way they look and are not shy about letting the world know that they do give a damn. More and more men are openly showing an interest in their dress and grooming.

This fact shows in the numbers.  Reports state that men now spend more money on shoes than women and the male grooming industry has grown by 70% between 2012 and 2014. A recent survey by the retail industry magazine Drapers revealed that men in general feel overlooked by the high street when it comes to fashion.


The fashion industry is starting to pay attention with more focus being give to menswear: Both London and New York now boast fashion weeks for men; Large retailers left and centre are feverishly opening Menswear Stand Alone stores and at the very top, Harrods in October 2015 had Menswear Takeover as per the video above. 


When it comes to the online space, there are massive players like Mr. Porter and Zalando, who now hold positions similar to the big department stores on the high street with thousands of brands and products catering to the mainstream.

However just like in the real world, an individual with specific tastes would rather go to a specialist boutique where he knows he will find exactly what he is looking for with the aesthetic that suits him. Qind Design is morphing itself into an ‘online boutique’ of sorts with collective of independent designers who have similar aesthetic and common customer base, offering made-to-order accessories and smart casual wear. What we do is driven by an artistic craving for that which is high in quality with balance, style and soul. Creative professionals looking for pieces with vibrant accents of colour, taste and character find affinity with us. Architects, Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs in particular tend to like what we do and what we offer.


We are really excited at having Monge Studio be one of the first independent designers to join us as we carefully bring other talented brand artisans onboard.

Qind and Monge gravitated towards each other via Twitter, mutually and equally being excited by each others work. Ideas of future collaborations of some sort we lightly discussed. When Qind Design decided to expand its offering, the first that was sort out was Monge!

Established in 2012, Monge is a brand from Majorca that represents a solid alternative in men’s footwear, thanks to its honest products that mix contemporary design and traditional manufacture. On these pillars is built Monge, a combination of the classic shoes spirit, with a modern twist and handcrafted quality.

Check out the 2016 collection of made-to-order pieces that look absolutely fantastic here.

Qind Design Collective

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The Best Dressed Man You Can Be


Style Tip - The Best You Can Be - Dec16-15

Being The Best Dressed Man You Can Be

Just a little idea to keep in mind. Dressing well is a simple process of a little care and attention to yourself. Being kind to yourself and not beating yourself up for not being the best. The triumph is in knowing you have done you best, in your dress as you do with all else.


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