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January 2016

Qind Design in Esquire Magazine!

Qind Design in Esquire Magazine

Qind Design in Esquire Magazine

I would like to share with you some incredible news. Qind Design as a collective of independent designers was officially launched only on December 31st, 2015. The limited carefully curated brands and products that we have online has triggered in unsolicited interest from ESQUIRE Magazine, owned by Hearst Media Group which owns other brands such as NBC, ELLE and Harpers ZAZAAR, Men’s Health!

And we are just at the beginning of what Qind Design is destined…

Sometimes, with Nothing but the fading light of hope and a destiny unknown, you need to walk a Thousand Miles beyond the point when every sinew of your being, the world and your Loved ones, in pity have called you to STOP, Enough.

If ever there was a time, to show your support of me and Qind Design buy buying our products to allow us to get into Esquire Magazine, the time is now.

Now Off with Go!!

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