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March 2016

Cashmere & Merino: How Do You Describe a Feeling

When selling products online, when customers cannot touch or feel a product, success seems to hinge on the convergence of products that genetically exude quality, skilful lighting, photography and creative direction. That gets close, but is still a shadowy reflection of actually holding the product in your hand, touching it, feeling it, smelling it for yourself.

When the samples of our Spring/Summer collection of Cashmere, Merino & Silk blend scarves started to trickle in, I made it a point to always having pen and paper close by. I took of the words and phrases that tumbled from the mouths of my team; unrehearsed articulation of our first, instinctual reactions (at times rather verbose) to what we saw, felt, smelt. These I share with you now:

“This feels so soft, like a cloud… It’s the colour of naked skin… I want to sleep naked in this cloud… maybe it is a naked cloud…am I making any sense?!”

Cashmere Diamond Weave Scarf in Dark Salmon

“Yes… it does feel like powder, woven powder, that muffles you in comforting stillness…”

“…It has the sensation of petals in bloom, so soft…”

“They seem to be floating…”

Marino-Silk Blend Banded Scarf in Blue & Yellow

“It is the colour of Ice outside in nature… yet it is completely opposite to ice in its nature, feel and texture…”

Cashmere Diamond Weave Scarf in Ice Grey

“It all seems to speak of Nature… This blue one, the herringbone reminds me of the calm sea, such a true deep tranquility to it… at the same time its making waves with its stunningness, strange…”

“So simple, light, warm, rustically inviting… Scratch the surface and there is a whole other world, deep, elegant…”

“I smell the naturalness of it, the organic DNA within its sophisticated softness…”

“…mature… relaxed gravitas, depth…effortless”

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Looking East: Our first Collection of Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarves for Spring/Summer 2016


Cashmere Herringbone Weave Scarf in Blue

Those who have been with us from the beginning will know that we started off making scarves made with vibrant cotton prints worn primarily in West Africa. Our goal was to combine these with complimentary fabrics such as silks, satins and taffetas to create an aesthetic that was fresh, contemporary and wearable for everyone.

This was the heart, soul and look of Qind Design. It would make me smile when shoppers would look at our collection, commenting, ‘These are lovely, somehow almost African…’

As much as love these prints of my roots, however light and breathable they were, making neckwear with waxed fabrics can at times required quite a bit of creativity. With a primary purpose for full garments, the waxed texture was not always right for a sensitive area such as the neck.

Despite the positive reaction, try as we might we just never quite got full momentum with them. It was time to move on. And so I turned my creative eye East, looking to move the brand forward with fabrics that inherently had the luxurious essence required for neckwear, Silks, Cashmere and Merino wools.

After long dedicated searching, we found a few artisanal manufacturers in India and Nepal. They were willing to work with us to infuse our brand DNA of elegant wearable vibrancy into their traditions of working with organic high quality wools and silks.

Marino-Silk Blend Banded Scarf in Purple & Yellow

We are proud of our first collection of Cashmere, Merino & Silk blend wool scarves that are currently available. They are so light, the perfect passport accessory on the journey through late Winter into Spring and Summer 2016.

Being a brand new space for us, we made small batches to find out what our customers connect with, knowing we have the agility to get more made with our close partners. Our customers are thus able to pre-order any of the items that may be sold out, knowing we will be able to get their scarf to them within a 3-week period.

We are excited about this new direction and hope our customers like it too.

We would love to hear what you think about the designs and what colours you would like to see them in.

Thank you

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