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May 2016

Ready-To-Go: Bag, Watch and Pocket Square

QDSMQ2-16-66 - Louis XVI Watch - QD Pocket Square - S&L Bag

We are in the process of bringing onboard the highly contemporary and desirable bags of Stuart & Lau. Their aesthetic slips seamlessly into the range of accessories we have here at Qind. It was so easy to bring these three pieces together of the Louis XVI Watch, one of our Pocket Squares and the Briefcase from Stuart & Lau.

It is a combination that works very well for a man whose professional look is classic, bring that small touch of vibrancy and attention to detail.

We have brought together other engaging combinations that we will be sharing in the coming weeks.

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Organise and Organify Your Office

33 - Grid 33 - Office & Train - 3

Spring is really springing. You would rather be zipping towards an exotic azure horizon instead of a skyline of glass and steel. It is your office you are bound and that is the reality. Temper that space with a touch of the organic. Make it look good with wood. Keep connected to something beyond the horizon, propelling you towards the one beyond where you belong.

Our One-of-a-Qind Lapel Accessories are from a small collection by Ima Pico, the fabric craft Spanish artisan.

33 - Grid 33 - Office & Train - 2

Get your office going with Trays from Maxx & Unicorn, Cork Covered Notebooks from Pelcor, Customised Wood Pens & Letter Openers from Autumn Summer, Phone Cases and Organisers from Ryan, Laptop Bags from Viveo and Watches from Louis XVI.

Oh and why not take it a little further with Wood Cufflinks from Bug Accessories.

16 - Grid 15 - AS, Bug

Special Mention Thibault Duret for the SNCF train shot.

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Happy to Have Onboard: Robertson Jessel & Co

Robertson Jessel & Co is one of the brands we have recently brought onboard. Their wonderful leather goods can be found in our wallets and bags categories. We share a little about them and why we think they are so special and fit perfectly into what we are about.

For more than fifty years Robertson Jessel & Co has stood for the finest craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Even in these days of modern technology every piece is still handmade in the time honoured traditional way.

Their collections are made to stand the test of time, becoming your true constant companion through the years. They acquire a rich patina over time, and if cared for, at the right time, can be passed onto the next generation. All their products are Hand-Crafted from only the very finest leathers. Each piece is individually handmade by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.


QDSMQ2-16-182 - RJ - Coin Case
A Bit of History

After World War 2, two highly skilled leather craftsmen, Mr Robertson and Mr Jessel were working for one of the very finest leather goods manufacturers in the Whitechapel area of London making Motor and Dress cases, Hunting bags and hat cases.

Their hard work and determination coupled with a very strong friendship paid off and after many years hard work they were able to open their own workshop in London. They soon got a well-earned reputation for making the very finest travel cases, attaché cases, briefcases, travel goods and small leather goods.  Such was their reputation for making the finest quality goods that from time to time they were also commissioned to make bespoke goods for customers worldwide.

Only the very finest raw materials were ever used, these two craftsmen got themselves a reputation amongst Leather suppliers as being very strict, they would only ever accept the best quality Leather, the same was also said for the hardware they used, only the best will do and there should never be a compromise on the quality.

Today Robertson Jessel & Co’s team of experts travel far afield to source only the very finest leathers and hardware, only the very best will do, no compromise.

even though Robertson Jessel & Co use 21st Century technology to showcase and present the company and its products are still still individually handmade in the same time honoured traditional way it has always been.

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Lyricism: Was Es Ist

A few years ago I attended the wedding of my cousin in Berlin. It was a momentous and unique celebration in many ways. It was the coming together of two cultures, that of my cousin, hailing from West Africa and that of his partner being German. There was the added novelty of them being a same-sex couple.

At the reception, time came when the father of the German groom got up to speak his part. From what I had been told of him he was a quiet thoughtful man, one of few words who had never expressed much of an opinion either way of his son’s sexual orientation or his ultimate decision to marry. Those in the room who knew him waited with baited breath as to what he would say and the rest of us who did not know him felt the sombreness of the room and also held breath.

He stood up. In his native tongue he began with a quiet unwavering voice, “All I have to say are in these few words by Erich Fried, If you would allow me…”

What is it

It is madness

says reason

It is what it is

says love

It is unhappiness

says caution

It is nothing but pain

says fear

It has no future

says insight

It is what it is

says love

It is ridiculous

says pride

It is foolish

says caution

It is impossible

says experience

It is what it is

says love.

I have never been so touched in my life with the potency and gravity of but a few words. Was Es Ist became my favourite poem henceforth.


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Ready-To-Go: Transformation Neanderthal – Cufflinks & Bowties


32 - Grid 32 - Bare Feet - Boewties - Cufflinks - Shoes - Gift

Think, think think… It’s bright and beautiful. People you care about are getting married. You want to make an impression, a good one, go from Neanderthal Man to Suave Debonaire. You thinking maybe bowtie? Dare you? We say Yes, Dare you – Especially with something from Bowerloo. With their beautiful aesthetic, you will always be walking on the fine line of taste, veering neither to the regions of eccentric professor nor professional jester.

We have taken delight in matching some of the bowties from Bowerloo with some of our cufflinks, pocket squares and lapel accessories which are always sure to work well into the future.

So there you go, bowtie at your neck, shoes at your feet and hopefully everything in-between, not forgetting the gift – You are good to Go!


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Ready-To-Go: The Stag Weekend Look

Stag Weekend in some eastern European Capital? Try this look to pass through immigration: A Green Goat Suede Bomber Jacket and Tan Weekend Holdall11 - QDSMQ2-16-04 - Logan Mackay Jacket - Klauft Holdall.

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Ready-To-Go: Three Little Ideas

10 - QDSMQ2-16-20 - Lubiam Blazer - QD Pocket Squares

Dark blazer and fitted blue jeans with three little ideas to keep that staple look fresh. Check out our range of pocket squares and select a few. Our clever use of patterns and complimentary linings allow you to always find an interesting match to what you are planning on wearing.

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Ready-to-Go: Blue and Grey Elements

07 - QDSMQ2-16-07 - Qind Scarf, Louis IVXCheck out our Blue Herringbone Weave Marino Silk Blend Scarf with a replicated wave pattern this Louis XVI Danton watch.

08 - QDSMQ2-16-03 - Logan Mackay Jacket - Ice Grey Qind Scarf

Off to the gym? Try this look: A Navy Goat Suede Bomber jacket and Ice grey Diamond Weave Cashmere Scarf.

09 - QDSMQ2-16-14 - Klauft Backpack, Ima Pico Lapel Flower

The backpack for the man who does not wear backpacks and a lapel flower just to confirm he does not wear backpacks.

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Green Biker Jacket and Grey Leather Backpack

QDSMQ2-16-02 - Logan Mackay Jacket - Klauft

One gets to a certain point in life when a backpack just doesn’t work with one sense of style or maturity. However surprise surprise, our collection of minimalist retro inspired leather creations from Klauft somehow break the rules. Suddenly there is a backpack for the man who does not wear backpacks. Try out this grey one an combine it with a minimalist leather jacket such as this Amazon Green one from Logan Mackay and you are good to go.

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Ready-To-Go: Bowties, Cufflinks and Boutonnieres

Its wedding season and you are thinking this might be the time to try it out… you are thinking Bowties. But bowties are exceptionally hard to pull off. More often than not, at best you either end up looking eccentric, at worst a clown. We ourselves at Qind have been wary of delving into that space until we came across Bowerloo. They are the first brand of bowties we have found that has the balance just right of individualism with zero whiff of clownism.

QDSMQ2-16-95 - Bowerloo Bowties - QD Cufflinks

They have a beautiful selection to which we found endless matches for other accessories. Above we have their Pajarita de Calaveras Negra matched with Gekko Japonicus or Concave Cylinder Red Cufflinks.

QDSMQ2-16-96 - Bowerloo Bowties - Linden Boutonniere

The second idea we have is their Pajarita Mostaza matched with our Mr Argus Boutonniere.

We really believe Bowerloo have it right and we shall be offering more ideas as to how to match their bowties with other accessories through the season.


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