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Special Offers

Linden Flowers Boutonnieres: Delight in What is Possible

We are thrilled to have Linden Flowers Boutonnieres launch our new product category of Lapel Accessories. The wedding florist based in Edinburgh, Scotland has put together a collection that is inspired by pursuits of the Highland Gentleman, sifted for its best qualities and reinterpreted for the cosmopolitan intellectual.

Each piece is individual, whimsical and easy to wear for the quick-eyed, yet look closer (as is the common DNA of the Qind aesthetic) you will find detail, thought and deep layered slow elegance. It is a collection that knots together tradition with mind-blowing yet simple innovation, with specific reference to the Tweed & Stag pieces.

Braken-Moss Green & Heather Toned Tweed Stag Lapel Pin

Braken-Moss Green & Heather Toned Tweed Stag Lapel Pin


We are happy for Linden Flowers and love the fact that the journey of this collection is a prime example of the Qind Design Collective creative process at work. It is a short story we would would like to share:

Creative Direction in Action

A few months ago I began the process of scouting for designers to help launch our product category of Lapel Accessories. On a long trawl through Etsy and other platforms, I shortlisted several artisans whose work I thought had great potential to help us make a strong start to this space.

I came across some boutonnieres by Linden Flowers and even though I had an immediate affinity to them, I thought they were a bit too ‘crafty’. So I added them to the shortlist but the truth be told they were at the bottom of that list. Through discussions within the Qind Design creative team, we sifted out what we thought Linden could do to bring a bit more polish to their pieces as seen in the screen shot below of the actual Creative Direction Brainstorming Notes:

Linden Flowers Creative Direction Notes

I contacted Linden Flowers, introduced the collective concept of Qind Design and invited them to join. There was much enthusiasm to come onboard and so I then shared in detail my thoughts in terms of Creative Direction for a new collection for Qind Design.

Linden Flowers seized the opportunity to present their work on a great platform. They embraced the Creative Direction and input, took in the standard of the aesthetic that existed on Qind Design and went to work.

A couple of weeks later they were back with a collection. And what a collection! In one giant leap, Linden’s products went from the bottom of our list to the top! Well and truly, they had gone from being a bit of ‘craft’ on Etsy to becoming a true BRAND with a clear, defined and strong aesthetic.

Blush Pink & Mink Arrow Boutonniere

Blush Pink & Mink Arrow Boutonniere

Their creativity surpassed what we expected and from our side, it also felt really good to know that our Creative Directional input had really worked.

To inaugurate this collection, we have all the pieces on offer for a limited period.

Check out and buy Linden Flowers Boutonnieres here.

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