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Our Story

Qind Design in large part is a Collective of Made-To-Order Independent Designers hailing from all corners of the globe with a single clear vision to make beautiful things with depth and purpose. Under the Creative Direction of Victor Nartey, we have come together as a group of artisans with a similar aesthetic reaching out to a common client base of relaxed dapper individuals (many being architects, designers and creative entrepreneurs) looking for sophisticated accessories and smart casual wear with vibrant accents of colour, taste and character.

You will find our specifically made-to-order goods aggregated here.

As passionate startups and artistic entrepreneurs, most of us don’t have bulk orders and don’t produce in mass quantities. Instead we take advantage of modern technology based made-to-order models that allow us to still craft as traditional artisans, infusing our products with balance, soul, style and individuality at a fair price.

We look to attract clients that are creative, artistic and entrepreneurial such as ourselves, who have a close understanding and appreciation for the genuine skill, effort and attention that has gone into producing the new unique processions we make for them.

Many of the products that you will find on Qind Design are made-to-order. The process of crafting them only begins after you have completed your purchase with us. With many, this allows for customisable features that make your piece truly unique to you.

We also enthusiastically encourage our clients to get in touch with us directly via our web-form or email ( to make specific requests and special orders. You may be looking for a particular gift for someone special or are planning a big event such as a wedding but you do not find exactly what you are looking for or the quantity that you would like; we say Get In Touch and lets discuss what we can do for you.

We also maintain a thriving dialogue with our customers. Through our Journal and social media, we keep our customers abreast with new product ideas and concepts, we look for their feedback and input to move forward and better cater to their needs.

Whatever it is, we encourage you to please talk to us via comments and reviews here or wherever you may find us (

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The Qind Design Crew

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